Manhattan's Shadows

Mission Log, January 28th, 2072
Wait, how many railguns?!

Jackpoint datapoint 1077655482



Puppetmaster here. I know I don’t get on the shadowtalk as much as I’d like, but we’ve been real busy as of late. The run my team went on a few days ago is just too good not to share. We get a call from a Johnson who’s talking BIG money to get something back for them. Simple snatch and grab, with a few exceptions to ‘simple.’ We have to steal a prototype drone. Okay, been done before, expect lots of meat blocking the way and lots of wired guys mussing with it.

What’s that, Johnson? You’re willing to give us 130 grand of equipment UP FRONT?

Yeah, not such a simple job. Or we’re getting screwed by the Johnson. After the incident with the hit squad (Sorry if anyone was near that warehouse, by the way. It had to go) we were ready and expecting failure. Still, the promise of that much equipment and even more cash was too good to pass up.

Ares Macrotech Research and Development black site. No matrix, no satellite imagery of the area. Completely off the grid. High Risk AAA ON SITE. Not to mention whatever drones and meat guards they had. This is the point where a lot of runners would take their business elsewhere. But something intrigued me about this job. We’ll talk more about that later.

Our crew was comprised of Deputy, Fetch, Spectre, Sarge, and myself. After calling in for a favor (thanks madam!) we hit the facility HARD. Got choppered in, right on top of the main building. I know what you’re thinking, we should have been slaughtered. But thanks to Fetch’s amazing skills at getting codes we got clearance to land. We bullshit our way in, me saying I am the Senior Manager of blah blah blah. The facility manager there had no idea what to do. I had that entire place wrapped around my little finger. AAA stands down, no extra guards. Just one very scared Facility Manager worried about losing his job, and one AAA as his personal security. While I haggle for details on the drone, Fetch is already in their system as an admin. He hacked Admin at an Ares black site!!! Holy shit the man is good! He just needs to eat something.

Anyways, as we’re taking an elevator down, we already have control of the whole damn shebang. Physical and Matrix. Unfortunately, here’s where we hit a snag. The drone? Developed an AI, went rogue. Having two railguns and two auto lasers firing at you while AP flechettes rip through the air is no fun. So, I had the manager send down the AAA squad to fix this, otherwise the whole facility would be scrubbed. (Manager is now wearing brown pants. Poor guy. So gullible, though.) As soon as the doors open the thing starts firing. Ever seen a railgn clip the door of an elevator? Bent it back like folding paper. AAA guys go down, Sarge fires off a round from his new toy. Ogrehammer only dents the plating on this thing, but it takes out the railguns. Deputy slides under it blasting away with a shotgun. This is when we learned of the flechettes. They start firing at Spectre, who dances around them like it is nothing. Her grace is astounding, makes it look like child’s play. Fetch, who has been Stephen Hawking for this whole adventure, takes the opportunity to talk to the AI. He apparently calmed it down, because it stopped firing at us. Grabbed the drone, walked it out of there without a single problem. Got it back to the Johnson for a hefty reward. Real hefty.

My team is amazing. I trust you guys more than you know. Last night proved how badass all of you are. I know I’ve left out some details, but I’m sure Fetch will fill you in. I’m not very computer savvy.

Back to that Johnson… Asian woman with Blue eyes, huh? Yeah, sure you’re Mitsu. For something this serious, they would have disguised some Red Sam as Runners. And the fact that they all left out of the harbor, sailing out into the Atlantic… She said she would put in recommendations. We actually surprised her. Kinda shaky when we showed back up with the drone, not a scratch on any of us, all smiles. I have a good idea where she’s going, and where she’s from. I think we have a d-word looking to get a better holding in Manhattan, runners. Watch out, the game might be changing here.

Stay safe, and keep on doing what you all do best. Puppetmaster out.

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